Hey there, I’m Bryce. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. Since this is early, the shape of this is subject to change. But mostly this will be a place for me to document and share my technological misadventures (and successes).

I have been working in IT since 2011 when I got my first job as a Technical Support Agent for a small networking company. From there, I have worked as in store IT in the retail space, as an internal help desk agent for an agricultural company, at a small MSP supporting a number of local small businesses, and currently I work as a Middleware Administrator at the Idaho State Insurance Fund.

I am currently a scant few courses away from obtaining my Bachelors in Software Development from Western Governors University. This degree is the final realization of many goals I have had since I began my journey into IT.

In my free time I like to work on any number of technological projects, from hardware tinkering with microcontrollers and sensors to writing web applications and automation scripts. I am developing my programming skills in Python and Java and am fairly well versed in using PowerShell from my work life, so it often appears in a lot of my tinkering.

Outside of hobbies that keep me in front of a computer, my wife and I are incredibly passionate about animals and devote significant amounts of time to volunteer work in the animal rescue world.